Le Clapotis, Naturist camping site Languedoc France

Le Clapotis is in south east france, La Palme, Aude Languedoc.

Le Clapotis is a naturist centre on an inlet next to the  Mediterranean sea. It has numerous facilities, restaurant, large heated swimming pool with a life guard/attendant, there is a  children’s club and  different styles of accommodation ranging from tents to mobile homes.

As a nudist, you will the natural environment, the feeling of peace and calm. Once you have relaxed and are feeling more invigorated, there are plenty of organised walks and activities such as Miniten and Boules.

Le Clapotis

The 25 x 15 metre pool is good enough, but you can wander down the pathway to enjoy the waves, or why not have a go at windsurfing or kitesurfing? There are also flat sands where you can laze and brown all over.

The camp opens from April until October, has an comprehensive entertainment program that includes dancing, shows, barbeques and themed evening dinners.

There is a very well stocked library on site and a TV chill-out area. The site has internet facilities which costs around 20 euros per week, and there is a land telephone on site. Mobile phone reception does vary according to the provider.

There is a bar that opens for breakfast and restaurant facilities for evening meals.

There is private parking and disable facilities, and there are activities for children including a paddling that is next to the main pool. There is also an onsite supermarket which is open during the season.

Accommodation is varies in style,  there is the new Naturalodge which is like a framed tent, and there is the Ecolodge which is similar but has utilities supplied. There are ample toilet blocks on site.

There are mobile homes which have all services including dishwasher, stove, microwave, fridge and coffee maker and sleep up to 6 people, and there is the “bungalow”. The city of Narbonne is about 20 minutes away and you will be able to load the hire car up with everything you could possibly need, including gifts for those left behind!

Travel half an hour further, and you will come to the beautiful beaches of Narbonne with more hotels and restaurants.

France The Nudist capital of the world?

There are many parts of the world who could offer an argument about why naturists would have a better nudist holiday in their particular country, but no country offers such an opportunity to experience such a diverse array of naturist experiences as France.

From a genuine, purpose built naturist village such as Cap D’Agde  (More or less pronounced “Cap Dag”) to rustic nudist holiday encampments, the diversity only begins here. France also offers more specialist and niche holidays; there are French gay nudist and lesbian holidays, disabled nudist holidays, single person holidays and senior naturist holidays. If you want it, France has almost definitely got it.

Let’s start with the famous Cap D’Agde. Cap D’Agde is a naturist seaside resort situated in Southern France, and is about 5K from the original village of Agde, which although not naturist in itself is well worth a visit, and also houses the nearest railway station, with direct rail links to Paris and Lille. The nearest airports are Beziers and Montpelier.


Cap D’Agde is ideal for those who don’t like to roam around too much when on holiday. Everything is self contained within the huge complex. There are bars, restaurants, hair dressers, clothes shops, supermarkets, boutiques and night clubs, together with the expected beach bars and beach restaurants. It is essentially a village next to the Mediterranean with all that you would expect, except that everyone, apart from the staff, is naked. Nudity is pretty much mandatory on the beaches, it is considered bad form to be clothed however, away from the beach you can wear whatever you like, except in the restaurants where most people put on some form of clothing.

In the various shops and supermarkets that are on site, completely nude individuals freely mix with people wearing clothes or maybe just a sarong, a viewing experience which feels strange when you first arrive, but when you are quickly used to it, is wonderful.

The best part of a nudist holiday is when you first arrive, with that excited feeling of anticipation, and Cap D’Agde is no exception.

Within seconds of being greeted at the security gate, you are surrounded by complete and joyous nudity which propels all new arrivals to quickly check in and join their naked counterparts.

The accommodation is varied; from tents and camper vans to caravans to hotel style rooms to chalets, the choice is yours.

Most of the rooms are quite basic but clean, and normally incorporate preparation and cooking facilities, good showers and a balcony. Depending in which unit you are staying in, laundry is taken care of a couple of times a week.

There is nothing that you need to bring apart from a towel to sit on and a sarong to give some respectability in the restaurants.

It is a mind blowing experience to through a whole week or two, completely nude most of the time. The feeling of absolute freedom as you roll out of bed naked and go about your daily life still naked is just wonderful.


There are several swimming pools on the complex, all beautifully clean, normally there is a small charge for their usage, however most people prefer to head for the beach.

The private beaches at Cap D’Agde are sheer bliss. They are sandy and stretch for at least a couple of miles. The beach nearest the complex is more family orientated, with adults and children playing or just relaxing in the French sunshine.

Further up the beach (about a mile ) and where there are definitely no children, it is a very different story, with some couples indulging in adult activity on the beach and in the sand dunes behind. If you are into this kind of thing then you are going to have an excellent holiday!  But even if you are not, it can still be fun and harmless to observe, and if you really don’t want any part of it, then stay on the beach nearest the complex, and you’ll still have a terrific holiday. One of the regulars said “There is literally something here for everyone, whether you are 19 or 90.” That statement says it all.

Cap D’Agde also has an eventful night life with a variety of bars and night clubs. Yes, there is the adult aspect of it; the swingers and the exhibitionists, but what is better than enjoying a delicious meal in one of the restaurants and then sitting at one of the bar tables sipping after-dinner drinks, and enjoying the spectacle of people queuing to enter the night clubs dressed in rubber, latex, chains, pyjamas, night-dresses, sexy party dresses, or just normal clothing or completely nude! What great entertainment and what fun!

However, Cap D’Agde is not for everyone. It is pretty organised in many respects, and it is a seaside resort, and as good as it is, there are many naturists who would prefer to be amongst greenery, dipping bare feet into a stream, staying at an out of the way paradise where any entertainment is created amongst themselves.

This is exactly why France is so good for naturism and holidays.

There is an abundance of other naturist sites where “Less is more” in more ways than one!

So here we go with some other great nudist holiday suggestions that are wildly different from Cap D’Agde…

A few Kilometres north you will come to and enjoy the beauty of the Gorges Ceze in the Cevennes. Situated near the river Ceze is the nudist encampment of La Genese.

If you wanted to try to convey to someone the alleged difference between the words Naturism and Nudism, then arguably Cap D’Agde would be the Nudist and La Genese the naturist, because whilst Cap D’Agde is about nudity and relaxation, La Genese provides the nature aspect. The feeling of being surrounded by such natural lush greenery, and wonderful unspoilt surroundings, to feel as one with earth is simply breath-taking.

To be able to paddle and swim naked in the river Ceze in the warm sunshine against such a backdrop is a must-do experience.

But within the naturist “village” of La Genese there are some home comforts, such as accommodation ranging from “bring your own tent” to The “Tent on Stilts” more formally known as the “Ecolodge”, which can cater for eight and has power and running water. The Ecolodge is great fun and even has its own balcony where you can dine and relax with a few drinks in the evenings.

If the Ecolodge is not to your taste then there are the options of holidaying in a mobile home, or there is chalet accommodation which can cater for between 6 to 8 people.

If you don’t choose to self cater, or you would just like a break from cooking, there is a sit down restaurant and also a snack bar.

There is a good size swimming pool surrounded by a large sun bathing terrace, with a kids paddling pool adjacent. For kids young and old, a huge inflatable slide appears during the summer months, which proves very popular.

There is an onsite keep fit program, canoes are available, and there is day to day entertainment, film shows, Disco and Karaoke. Whatever you choose to do is fine; join in or just quietly relax, the choice is yours.

The nearest airport is Nimes, which is about 50 Kilometres away.

If you don’t fancy a rustic holiday and would like an alternative to Cap G’ Agde, then it would be a good idea to consider the naturist villages of Aphrodite and Oasis.

Aphrodite naturist village is part of a cluster of four naturist villages which comprise of Oasis naturist village, Eden village, Ulysis village and Aphrodite itself.

These naturist villages are in southern France just a few minutes south from Leucate. There are flights available from Paris to Perpignan and then from there you would need to hire a car or taxi.

Aphrodite Naturist Village and the Oasis naturist village are situated in a wondrous setting, on a headland between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean Ocean. The two complexes sit next to each other, and are an absolute haven for nudists.

There are 600 apartments in the Aphrodite village, some of which are directly on the beach, others are within the complex, and some are looking out to the harbour. The village was built some 40 years ago.

There are two naturist swimming pools – one heated, tennis courts, Petanque, volley ball, a Gym and also a sauna.

The apartments at Aphrodite come with everything that you would need, plus there is a laundrette, a small shopping centre and parking. If you need anything other than basic items, there large Supermarket in nearby Leucate, where there is also restaurants, a newsagent and much more.


Next door to Aphrodite, at Oasis naturist Holiday village it is a similar story, with both villages enjoying at least 300 days of sunshine during the year, and both villages luxuriating in a beautiful Mediterranean location.

Oasis holiday village also has access to two swimming pools, bakery, shops and a restaurant, and has plenty of privacy and space.

Oasis is also naturist only, and was build approximately 30 years ago. The apartments are bigger and are more modern than its counterparts.

If you want to get away from the naturist environment during your holiday to visit more mainstream attractions, there are plenty within a very short drive or walk. For example there is Aqualand, with its slides pools and splashes, ideal for a day out for the kids as a treat, or there is golf, surfing, sailing and fishing all nearby. Hire a bicycle and visit some of the picturesque villages nearby, or go to one of the local markets and vineyards. This is one of the most wonderful regions of France, and mostly unspoilt.

Again near Port Leucate coming slightly south we have the naturist area of Le Clapotis.

Le Clapotis is a quieter and an altogether more relaxed naturist holiday experience, instead of a mass of buildings there is a mixture of tents, together with some variation on tents such as the Naturalodge which is essentially a tent with flooring, The Ecolodge, which is the next stage up, with flooring on legs, canvas walls, water and electricity. There are also mobile homes and a bungalow.

Taking centre stage is a large 25 x 15 metre swimming pool from which you can enjoy the view out to the Mediterranean sea, next to which is the paddling pool.

There is a restaurant onsite which offers lunches and dinners, and also a snack bar for breakfast.

There is plenty to occupy yourself with at Le Clapotis, it has its own library and TV lounge, and the internet is available. The site also offers a full entertainment program featuring themed dinners, dances, shows and barbeques.

For the more Outdoor Active, there are organised walks where you can wander around part of the large lagoon, marvel at the natural environment and wonderful scenery and benefit from the sun and the fresh sea air. There is also Miniten and Boules.

Le Clapotis is open from April until October.


Next up is Origan Naturist Village

Situated near the Mercantour National Park is Origan Naturist Village is in South East France and is located in the Haute Provence. The village overlooks the river Var.

There are three swimming pools, which include a large heated pool and a paddling pool.

A village spa houses a sauna and steam bath, and provides massages and a full beauty treatment.

There is an excellent program of events for all of the family including archery, table tennis, body building, Petanque, hiking, outdoor tennis and more. There is a restaurant and plenty of after dinner evening entertainment such as live shows, music, disco etc.

The next morning why not have a wander down to the river Var and enjoy the natural surroundings and greenery.

Not to be missed is a naturist cruise which departs from the Origan naturist village and explores the nearby coastline off Gulf Juan.

Accommodation wise, there is a choice of pitches for tents, camper vans and mobile homes, or you can book accommodation in one of the onsite choices of either a chalet, villa or mobile home.

Origan Naturist village is simply wonderful for families wanting a complete nudist holiday in France, it combines rusticity with modern day essentials wonderfully, and is a naturist paradise.


So, several reasons why France can be considered The Nudist Capital of the world!

If you disagree or have a better idea on which country you believe to be a contender for the nudist crown, then let us all know!

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Welcome to Nudist Holidays

Nudist Holidays.

What are the benefits of a Nudist Holiday?

There are so many reasons to go on a naturist holiday, it is hard to establish in which order to give. All of the reasons are important, but here goes:-

There is no better feeling than swimming in the sea totally naked. It gives feelings of relaxation and tranquility, and a sense of belonging to the core elements of the world. Nothing in the universe seems to matter as you move through the water totally in touch with mother nature.
Your life’s problems are a million miles away as you share your fluid, naked experience with the dwellers of the sea. Does this sound like poetic nonsense? Just try the experience before you judge. Nearly every naturist will tell you that before discovering nudism, the idea of doing anything naked in public was met with abhorrence and fear, before they took the plunge, so to speak.

Having enjoyed this wondrous experience, you run out of the sea feeling both relaxed and exhilarated at the same time, your whole body drying naturally in the sun.

Not for the naturist the idea of water-logged shorts, cold and clammy against the skin, or for the ladies an all in one swim suit, wet and uncomfortable as you try to get into a comfortable position on the beach, with sand sticking to the damp costume.
Instead, for the naturist, its out of the sea and onto the towel. No hassle, just continued relaxation.

And then of course there is the sun tan. What would you prefer to have, an even all-over tan, or just the bits of your body that you allowed to see the sun, browned.

Most people who have been on a naturist holiday will tell you that they have rarely felt so relaxed on previous holidays. Just imagine getting up in the morning naked, eating breakfast and then going straight onto the beach, still nude.
After, enjoying a leisurely morning it’s time for lunch in the buff, followed by a nude stroll along the beach, acknowledging your fellow naturists, and feeling on top of the world.

It really is this good.

There are caviats of course. The nudist resort or hotel may not allow you to be naked within its confines, restaurant, or on the immediate beach. For example, The Oliva Beach hotel in Corralejo is a fantastic place to stay and enjoy a naturist holiday as long as you only strip off on the beach, or in the apartment of course. The rest of the hotel, which is generally all-inclusive, is strictly “textile” (Textile means non-naturist)

But it’s a wonderful place to stay, and you get the best of both worlds, combining nude daytime relaxation with evening dressed-up dining and socialising.

If you want a total naturist experience covering morning, noon and night, you need look no further than the naturist holiday village of Cap d’Agde (Pronounced “Cap Dag” by us foreigners) which is situated in South-east France quite near to Montpellier.
You can literally do what ever you like, whereever you like, totally nude, 24 hours a day. Whether that be eating in the various restaurants or going shopping for food, clothing or accessories, you can be naked around the clock.
In actual fact, although Cap d’agde allows this degree of nudity, most holiday makers tend to “dress up” a little, for the evening indulgences, and the words “dress up” can be taken literally! From Jeans and tee-shirts to sexy bondage gear, to total nudity, you will find every state of dress and undress on any given evening.

So those are two “Extremes.” Both resorts are entertaining, relaxing and well worth a visit. Oliva Beach in Corralejo combining quality evening dining (as well as all other meals) together with naked relaxation on its beaches and Cap d’agde combining nude relaxation with nude relaxation!

Come back and visit again soon, when we’ll be discovering the delights of the Maspalomas beaches in Gran Canaria, and taking a look at one or two nudist beaches in Ibiza.

In the meantime, it’s over to you. Hit the ‘Leave a comment/reply’ tag below and answer these questions:-

1). Where is your favourite nudist location, and why?
2). What questions or concerns do you have about naturism in general?

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