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Nudist Holidays.

What are the benefits of a Nudist Holiday?

There are so many reasons to go on a naturist holiday, it is hard to establish in which order to give. All of the reasons are important, but here goes:-

There is no better feeling than swimming in the sea totally naked. It gives feelings of relaxation and tranquility, and a sense of belonging to the core elements of the world. Nothing in the universe seems to matter as you move through the water totally in touch with mother nature.
Your life’s problems are a million miles away as you share your fluid, naked experience with the dwellers of the sea. Does this sound like poetic nonsense? Just try the experience before you judge. Nearly every naturist will tell you that before discovering nudism, the idea of doing anything naked in public was met with abhorrence and fear, before they took the plunge, so to speak.

Having enjoyed this wondrous experience, you run out of the sea feeling both relaxed and exhilarated at the same time, your whole body drying naturally in the sun.

Not for the naturist the idea of water-logged shorts, cold and clammy against the skin, or for the ladies an all in one swim suit, wet and uncomfortable as you try to get into a comfortable position on the beach, with sand sticking to the damp costume.
Instead, for the naturist, its out of the sea and onto the towel. No hassle, just continued relaxation.

And then of course there is the sun tan. What would you prefer to have, an even all-over tan, or just the bits of your body that you allowed to see the sun, browned.

Most people who have been on nudist holidays will tell you that they have rarely felt so relaxed on previous holidays. Just imagine getting up in the morning naked, eating breakfast and then going straight onto the beach, still nude.
After, enjoying a leisurely morning it’s time for lunch in the buff, followed by a nude stroll along the beach, acknowledging your fellow naturists, and feeling on top of the world.

It really is this good.

There are caviats of course. The nudist resort or hotel may not allow you to be naked within its confines, restaurant, or on the immediate beach. For example, The Oliva Beach hotel in Corralejo is a fantastic place to stay and enjoy a naturist holiday as long as you only strip off on the beach, or in the apartment of course. The rest of the hotel, which is generally all-inclusive, is strictly “textile” (Textile means non-naturist)

But it’s a wonderful place to stay, and you get the best of both worlds, combining nude daytime relaxation with evening dressed-up dining and socialising.

If you want a total naturist experience covering morning, noon and night, you need look no further than the naturist holiday village of Cap d’Agde (Pronounced “Cap Dag” by us foreigners) which is situated in South-east France quite near to Montpellier.
You can literally do what ever you like, whereever you like, totally nude, 24 hours a day. Whether that be eating in the various restaurants or going shopping for food, clothing or accessories, you can be naked around the clock.
In actual fact, although Cap d’agde allows this degree of nudity, most holiday makers tend to “dress up” a little, for the evening indulgences, and the words “dress up” can be taken literally! From Jeans and tee-shirts to sexy bondage gear, to total nudity, you will find every state of dress and undress on any given evening.

So those are two “Extremes.” Both resorts are entertaining, relaxing and well worth a visit. Oliva Beach in Corralejo combining quality evening dining (as well as all other meals) together with naked relaxation on its beaches and Cap d’agde combining nude relaxation with nude relaxation!

Come back and visit again soon, when we’ll be discovering the delights of the Maspalomas beaches in Gran Canaria, and taking a look at one or two nudist beaches in Ibiza.

In the meantime, it’s over to you. Hit the ‘Leave a comment/reply’ tag below and answer these questions:-

1). Where is your favourite nudist location, and why?
2). What questions or concerns do you have about naturism in general?

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to Nudist Holidays

  1. Hi there, my favourite nude beach/destination is Vera Playa. I just loved the normality of wandering around the streets, beachs and resort areas completely naked. I spent 6 unforgettable days there without once dressing. Heaven!!!
    I have two main concerns with regards to my enjoyment of the naturist life. 1. I live in Brisbane Australia with no close nude beach, and when I do get to my ‘local’ beach I more and more find the experience ruined by gawking men. For some reason I just feel guilty by association, simply because I am male. Secondly, I can no longer convince my wife to enjoy being nude, either at home or away. Due to the first problem I tend not to invest much energy in trying to persuade her into joining me on the beach.

  2. I have just returned from a two week vacation in Fuerteventura. I had a fantastic time, nudity on the beaches away from the main center of Corralejo was not a problem. In fact, I found that there were more nude people on the beaches than dressed ones! The Canary Islands, as I’m sure you know, have a fairly relaxed attitude to naturism. I’ve visited all four of the main ones, Fuerteventura twice. I’d go back there again any time. I find the place so relaxing and friendly, despite being unable to speak Spanish!
    As to naturism in general, I have no objections or concerns. My advice would be that if being naked is going to cause offence, then don’t do it. It’s as simple as that.

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