Nudist Beaches at Gran Canaria

When visiting Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands, just off the west coast of Africa, it’s easy to lose oneself within the various tourist attractions, notably the Palmitos bird park, the fishing city of Arguineguin, with its weekly markets, the Gaunche caves (definitely worth a visit) and much more.
Gran Canaria seems to redefined itself over the last view years with a seeming change on emphasis on which nation inhabits which holiday resort. When visiting the local “Travel Shop” in the UK some years ago, you were advised, or manoevered, into booking your Canarian holiday at the resort of Playa del Ingles, beach of the English, (loosely translated) because the resort was totally geared up to cope with the English behaviour and expectancies, including a “Real cup of tea and bacon sandwich” not to mention the branded lagers.

Years later, and now the place to enjoy English and British delights is in Pueto Rica on the South west part of the island. Playa del Ingles now seems to favour our better-behaved-abroad German cousins, and who can blame them?
But perhaps the Germans had method in their madness, because all of a sudden they had access to the superb beaches of Playa del Ingles, whereas the Brits had to make do with the smaller, man-made beach at Pueto Rico, moreover, the German contingent also had access to the huge desert-like sands and dunes of Maspalomas, just along the beach, west of Playa del Ingles.
There is around 12km of beach at Maspalomas, and then inland there are acres and acres of natural dunes.
To the west of the beaches there are shops and restaurants, and the famous lighthouse “El Faro” which can be seen for miles.
A dried up river bed acts as a sort of directional guide to the main way to the beaches if you are walking, and now there are very good roads that will take you into the very heart of Maspalomas.<!-google_ad_section_end->

To access the nudist beaches is simple, from the lighthouse facing the sea turn left (east) and walk along the waterfront for about 15 minutes. You will pass an excellent German restaurant, which has its own upstairs FKK (naturist) area, and then the rear of several other restaurants before walking past recumbent sun worshippers.

It will be obvious when you reach the nudist area at Maspalomas. For starters, the costumed holiday makers walking along the beach will be looking inland, rather than out to sea, and there will be an array of naked flesh enjoying the rays!

There is something really decadent about sunbathing nude and then without covering up, being able to shuffle along the sand to the nearby beach bar (pictured) and then enjoying discourse in a variety of languages if possible, with your fellow holiday-makers, not to mention a few more drinks in the Canarian sun.

But be careful! These are wonderful beaches, and in a booze and holiday fueled euphoric outlook, this feels like heaven on earth, but the downside is that when it is time to return to your holiday resort you have at least 20 minutes of sand-walking before being able to get a taxi or bus. So watch the booze intake, and be careful not to be fooled by the cooling breeze. Being under the influence and sun-burnt is not a great combination!

The other thing to watch out for, depending on your broadness of mind, is the fact that generally, when late afternoon descends, various couples take to the sand dunes behind the naturist beach to partake in loving activities. This tends to attract excited onlookers, mainly men, who crowd around the spectacle attempting to get a better view. It has to be said that the majority of the participating couples are aware of the consequences of their amorous actions, and sometimes are even enjoying the attention that they receive. - the largest nudist personals site! – the largest nudist personals site!

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